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 1. General Information

The Easter Mela 2018 will be an amazing opportunity to share with members and friends of the Vrinda Family in Europe, with very special guests from different corners of the world. We will have the presence of BA Paramadvaiti Swami and it will be an ideal place to share inspiring Sadhu Sanga, Kirtan, dance, excursion to remarkable landscapes, seminars and meditations for our spiritual inspiration.

2. Location

The Mela will be held in the Bavarian Alps, at the Vegan Hotel SEINZ about 80km from Munich, between Munich and Memmingen. The hotel is located in the mountains in Bad Kohlgrub and it’s equipped with bio-built rooms, a well-balanced mixture of dignified ambience, rustic charm and simple elegance, a place where comfort and well-being should have a home.

Address: Kurhausstraße 1, 82433 Bad Kohlgrub


3. Fees and Accomodation

The accommodation for the Easter Mela is available in double, triple and family rooms*.

Each room has its private bathroom, bedding set (blankets, pillows, sheets), TV and some have a balcony.
The rooms with balcony and the accommodation in beds will be given to the first ones who register.

The price per adult (and young people from 16 years) is € 220.
Children between 7 and 15 years pay full price for the first child,
and every additional child only € 70 each, for instance, 1 child: € 220, 2 children: € 290, 3 children: € 360, etc.
Children up to 6 years stay for free.
A private room for one person, has a cost of € 400.
The price per day of the Mela, without accommodation, is € 100**.

* Double room (bed and mattress), triple room (double bed and mattress).
Families with more than two children, please contact the Mela administration, for details of your accommodation.

** If you wish to sleep for 1 or up to 2 nights, the rate is € 200, because it implies the reservation of your place throughout the Mela.
From 3 nights onwards, full rate applies.

Register now by clicking on the button below.


4. Prasadam Menu

There will be vegetarian and vegan options with the best Indian, Latin American, German and Mediterranean style prasadam made by experienced chefs of the Vrinda Family, with everyone’s help*.

* View service opportunities.


5. Program of the Mela

Have a look at the detailed program day by day. It will be an opportunity to recharge yourself with spiritual energy and share unforgettable moments with different activities in the best association.


6. Special Programs, Walks in the Nature, Visit of Castles

This Mela will be full of surprises and nature walks, such as the visit to the Neuschwanstein Castle, the waterfalls in Schleierfälle and Schleifenmühlklamm. We will also have an excursion to Eng Alm, located in Karwendel Natural Park and the magnificent Walchensee (Lake Walche) where nature has created a landscape of extreme beauty at the foothills of the Bavarian Alps*.

The hotel’s Sauna will be enabled at least twice throughout the Mela. We will have the traditional search for Easter eggs, fire ceremony for baptism, weddings and initiations.

Additionally, we have special guests coming from India, such as Ambika Devi Dasi with her beautiful Orissa dance and the Kirtaniya Vrindavan Chandra Das with his powerful Kirtans and Bhajans, as well as by other kirtaniyas from different corners of Europe and the world.

* Subject to change, depending on weather and other last-minute factors.


7. Registration and Payments

To get registered, please fill out the form and complete the payment either online by Paypal or per Bank transfer.
For registration form click on the button below.


8. Service Opportunities

Click below to see all available services on the Easter Mela and let us know how you would like to help and participate!

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